Success Stories



I would truly say that I was at one of the lowest points of my life.

Your program gave me the toolbox and practices I needed to get through it. 

Mimi Khayo

I became invisible. I didn't know who I was anymore.  

The program was invaluable.  It taught me how to process the trauma.

Kathryn Strong


I didn't recognize the person I'd become.  I needed help.

The program is truly life changing.

Tatia Barry

I left a 10-year relationship and went no contact. 

This program was the best thing I could have done.

Courtney Ortz



Thank you so much for the care that you provided to me yesterday.  The letting go ceremony was one of the most powerful experiences that I have had in all my years of therapy, meditation and other self-awareness activities.

Everything felt inflamed, slow, sluggish. My whole life was work. 

Now I am sleeping, eating well, and nurturing my life outside of work.  

Nicola Carter


I got 20-years of answers in 20-minutes with my eyes closed.

Everything has looked differently since pulling out and figuring out the pieces of me that Monica found.

Brooke Niessen

Alissa Krueger

I turned to Monica after a traumatic event happened in my life. I was looking for relief from anxiety, depression, grief-- but also a new way forward.  I truly walked away from this experience changed in the most positive ways possible and am looking at life through a new lens. I am forever grateful and will be turning to Monica for continued support throughout the years.

I was totally depressed when I started this program.

Now I feel better than I have in 49 years. 

Carola Hurkx


Lisa Myers

Over the years I notice that when my healing requires more subtlety, depth, and nuance, I call Monica. The effects of last year’s program grow noticeably stronger, like tea steeping in the sun.  I now feel connected to my true purpose and I do not doubt my path. My confidence and self-knowing come from a deep place within.  The healing journey continues to transform and I am grateful for a practitioner who so clearly sees the next step. Do yourself a favor and trust her sage insight.


I'm in a much, much, better space.

I feel heard and seen.

Former Graduate

Jill Welsh

I feel like a different person, which is a very good thing. I did your program to help facilitate a major shift in my life, and that was accomplished. I know I will incorporate much of what I learned during the experience and that it will continue to benefit me throughout the rest of my life. Monica, you and your staff are highly professional, experienced, warm, kind, and supportive - I cannot thank you enough.

I came out of a 3 year abusive and toxic relationship.

I now have peace and the tools to heal.

Peggie Nelson



The program I did with Monica was absolutely the most profound type of conscious and unconscious work I've ever experienced. It was suggested I see a therapist, which in finding the right one I'm sure would be beneficial to some degree, But I feel Monica has a deeper understanding of our being as a whole, body, mind, spirit, consciousness, etc. and its drive and resistances.

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