When the journey began...


When I was 22, I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression after visiting a psychiatrist. I was given several prescriptions to aid with my sleep and anxiety levels, but I decided not to follow the psychiatrist's orders. I knew the anxiety and depression wasn't the root of the problem it was a symptom.

In an effort to find healing, I tried a variety of approaches. I went to spiritual and religious meetings, explored yoga and nutrition, and tried holistic health practices. Though the journey was long - it took nearly a decade - I eventually found success. My anxieties had been resolved, yet, the process didn't end there. My trauma appeared in a different way, through the form of overworking, overgiving, and over-functioning. Even though this contributed to success at work and with helping my clients it also caused me to draw in emotionally manipulative partners and individuals with narcissistic tendencies that I was desperate to save or heal.

Finding the problem...


Ironically, my involvement in yoga, meditation, and the healing arts nurtured some of the parts of my personality that were getting me into trouble: my empathy. In my work, I focused exclusively on helping others heal. I listened and felt my client's problems like they were my own. I would pick up their symptoms. My empathy became so attuned that I could feel my client's distresses. As a young practitioner, it even made me sick.

I learned how to manage my empathy with my clients, and it served me well, but it continued to negatively impact my romantic relationships and how I chose wounded partners.

I believed that giving more would come back. It didn't. Overgiving, overdoing, and over-functioning caused me to burn out at work and in my relationships. It drained me physically, emotionally, and financially. It brought me some pretty cruel partners, whom I gave more excuses than they made for themselves.

How I healed..


During my training with Dr. Light Miller, I came to understand the different ways in which trauma impacts us, from physical and emotional, to spiritual and how it can lead to various diseases. I was struck with sudden understanding that with my last toxic partner, I was unknowingly reliving my past traumas. I realized that my intimate relationships mirrored and attracted what I needed to heal in myself. 

We can still become victims of manipulation, because the gravest wound of trauma is its attack on one's sense of worth. Even a kind and competent person can suffer an injury to self-worth, which manipulative people can use to their advantage. Without addressing these traumas, we remain vulnerable and exposed to those who would seek to exploit them.

Over the years, I have tried multiple techniques to come to terms with the traumatic experiences stored in my body and make sense of the negative patterns in my relationships. I've studied too many techniques to mention here.

Over the past 15 years, I have worked with men and women, who have faced unfathomable trauma, abuse, infidelity, and the burnout caused by overworking, toxic relationships, and sustained stress. My work has been enriched by the combination of learned techniques, professional training, and firsthand experience with toxic relationship patterns.

The transition from victim to survivor is one of inner healing, as we confront our pain, acknowledge the wounds to our self-worth, confront guilt and confront and release anger. From this place, we are able to move forward in higher emotional states, such as self-worth, love, and peace.

Healing from trauma also involves recognizing how our trauma shapes our personalities, by considering which parts were lost and which were overly developed in response. By doing this, we can reduce our draw to past trauma and integrate aspects of ourselves which we had denied.

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My relevant experience...



For over a decade, I ran and operated a holistic center in Chicago called Hamsa where I created customized retreats for men and women suffering from work and relationship burnout. And where, I led and trained a team of therapists who gave holistic treatments under my direction.

Working closely with hundreds of men and women, I witnessed the intersection of mind, emotions, and body firsthand when my client's symptoms would greatly reduce, if not resolve, with emotional healing. 

I am trained in alternative therapies and practices — specifically yogic psychology and ayurveda, herbalogy, somatic parts work therapy, meditation, and yoga.

Today, I offer comprehensive virtual programs that teach my students how to self-heal from toxic relationships.  My job is to provide you with holistic tools, practices, and skills so that you can access what you already know within, but have not discovered.

What I offer my students is a culmination of my professional training, personal recovery from toxic relationships, and over a decade of experience helping men and women reclaim their mental, physical, and emotional health. I am an expert at helping people to feel better about themselves by shifting their narrative and giving them the tools to process and release their pain so that they can create a new and empowering path forward.

My methods and approach are uniquely my own.  I hope it helps you recover in the same way it does my students.   

How To Work With Me


I work with women who are ready to recover from toxic relationship patterns. If you are ready to take responsibility for your life, go deep, lead with your heart, and inspired to take action you could be a good candidate for my program. This is work, and I see it as my responsibility to not let you sidestep, taking responsibility for what you are creating in your life. For this reason, I can only accept TRULY-ready clients.  Please note that my coaching program requires a financial investment in your transformation.

Our work is intimate, and both of our time and energy are sacred. Therefore, please do not apply if you are not ready to begin work straight away. In order to apply to work with me you MUST watch my FREE masterclass! There is an application at the end. After I review your application, and if I believe we are an aligned match, we can move forward with your coaching program with me.

Jill Welsh

Many thanks again for your program! I feel like a different person, which is a very good thing. I did your program to help facilitate a major shift in my life, and that was accomplished. - I cannot thank you enough.

Lisa Myers

I now feel connected to my true purpose and I do not doubt my path. My confidence and self-knowing come from a deep place within. The healing journey continues to transform and I am grateful for a teacher who so clearly sees the next step.


"Monica has the ability to hold and support you as you move through emotions you've been avoiding for years or even decades"

Amy West, PhD

My work with Monica has had a profound impact on my life. 

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