Hi, I'm Monica...


For over a decade, I have been helping women heal from relationship and work burnout. While this page shares a little about my journey and our team, it’s really about you.

I’ve dedicated my life to getting to the bottom of why certain successful women attract narcissistic relationships and how we can change this – so you don’t have to piece it all together alone.  

My relevant experience... 

I a have advanced certifications in alternative therapies and practices — specifically ayurvedic medicine, herbalogy, somatic parts work therapy, emotional release techniques, detoxification therapies, somatic experiencing, meditation, and yoga.

For over a decade, I ran and operated a holistic center in Chicago called Hamsa where I created customized retreats for men and women suffering from work and relationship burnout. And where, I led and trained a team of therapists who gave holistic treatments under my direction. 

Today, I offer comprehensive virtual programs that teach my students how to recover from toxic relationships.  My job is to provide you with holistic tools, practices, and skills so that you can access what you already know within, but have not discovered.

What I offer my students is a culmination of my professional training, personal recovery from toxic relationships, and over a decade of experience helping men and women reclaim their mental, physical, and emotional health. I am an expert at helping people to feel better about themselves by shifting their narrative and giving them the tools to process and release their pain so that they can create a new and empowering path forward.

Healing from relationship betrayal involves recognizing how our betrayals shape our personalities, by considering which parts were lost and which were overly developed in response. By doing this, we can reduce our draw to our past wounds and integrate aspects of ourselves which we had denied. From this place, we are able to move forward in higher emotional states, such as self-worth, love, and peace.


My methods and approach are uniquely my own.  I hope it helps you recover in the same way it does my students.  

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Meet The Team

Brooke Niesen

Enrollment Coach

Rowan Garlow

Wellness Practitioner

Courtney Ortz


Carmel Kelleher


Peggie Nelson


Jill Welsh

Many thanks again for your program! I feel like a different person, which is a very good thing. I did your program to help facilitate a major shift in my life, and that was accomplished. - I cannot thank you enough.

Lisa Myers

I now feel connected to my true purpose and I do not doubt my path. My confidence and self-knowing come from a deep place within. The healing journey continues to transform and I am grateful for a teacher who so clearly sees the next step.


"Monica has the ability to hold and support you as you move through emotions you've been avoiding for years or even decades"

Amy West, PhD

My work with Monica has had a profound impact on my life. 

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