Relationship Trauma Recovery Programs

We help high-achieving women heal from the effects of relationship betrayal so that they can create a new path forward.

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Healing From A Relationship Trauma Is

A Return To Oneself…

We are committed to helping successful women remember, reweave, and restore their essential selves after a relationship trauma through programs, retreats, and a community of women doing it differently.

For ourselves, our families, our communities, and the world.

Which one sounds like you?

  • you are recovering from a toxic relationship (again).

  • you're a people pleaser, saver, or rescuer attracted to narcissistic or emotionally unavailable partners.

  • your relationships are hurting you mentally, physically, emotionally, or financially.

  • you're afraid to date because you don't trust yourself.

  • you over function, over give, over do in your personal relationships or at work. 

  • you've become hyper-independent. You don't need anyone. 

  • you date down. Most of your partners are long-term projects and fixer-uppers. 

  • you want to resolve this, but you need to know how.

"I turned to Monica after a traumatic event happened in my life. I was looking for relief from anxiety, depression, grief. Her program was exactly what I was looking for and needed. I felt completely cared for as if my own mother or grandmother was nursing me back to health. I truly walked away from this experience changed in the most positive ways possible and am looking at life through a new lens. "

Trauma Recovery Testimonial
Alissa Krueger

"Monica comes with great precision, experience and expertise. I strongly recommend her to anyone who would want to change their stressful lives."

Stress & Exhaustion Testimonial
Sameer Pundakeer

"I experienced total alleviation of anxiety and omnipresence struggle with which I've had no success in treating in the past. And most significantly, I've experienced sustained mental clarity, sense of balance, felt more in touch with my body, and become more acutely aware of its needs. I cannot imagine a more valuable experience for anyone."

Burnout & Exhaustion Testimonial
Margaret Rehyam

"Monica has helped me let go of things that years of therapy haven't made a dent in.  She has helped me get back in touch with my intuition and inner guide and move towards healing."

Toxic Relationships Testimonial
Loriann T

"I now feel connected to my true purpose and I do not doubt my path. My confidence and self-knowing come from a deep place within."

Work & Relationship Burnout Testimonial
Lisa Myers

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