She Recovers Strong

A 3 month coaching program designed for women who are ready to recover from relationship betrayal and trauma so that they can live the lives they envision and find healthy love.

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Your traumatic relationship has ended and you never want to feel this way again.

Right now, you're relying on willpower, narcissism research, and trying to remember what they did wrong to keep you going toward who you want to be, but you're unsure you can trust yourself to make better choices. 

Even though you are a successful, empathetic, and driven woman, you don't understand why you got in the relationship or stayed.

You might have a history of toxic relationships, relationship betrayal, or failed relationships and you want to break the pattern.

Or you’ve recently ended a relationship and you’re struggling to maintain no contact.

Either way you’re in agony and can’t stop thinking about the relationship. 

And you want to create a new and meaningful life in the aftermath of the emotional devastation. 

If this is your situation, then you are a good fit for She Recovers Strong Coaching Program created for women who want to end painful relationship patterns permanently.  


Brooke's Story


"I turned to Monica after a traumatic event happened in my life. I was looking for relief from anxiety, depression, grief. Her program was exactly what I was looking for and needed. I walked away from this experience changed in the most positive ways possible and am looking at life through a new lens. "

Alissa Krueger

Who Is She Recovers Strong Coaching Program For?

Our signature program, She Recovers Strong, is a 12-week relationship trauma recovery program designed for ambitious, career-oriented women with leadership skills. Women who get the most out of our program often excel in their careers even while they are in the throws of a relationship trauma. For this reason, many of the women we work with feel secretly ashamed. They don't understand how they can function so well in most areas of life while struggling with painful relationships. We teach women what it is about them (empathy, leadership, cooperation, loyalty) that makes them appealing to manipulative personalities. We help them recover from the aftermath of relationship trauma and empower them to make their healing a priority in a new way.  This enables them to process the emotional devastation of relationship betrayal, find themselves again, and restore self-trust so that they can recognize and respond to poor behavior and break free from painful relationship patterns forever. 

Courtney's Story


"Monica has helped me let go of things that years of therapy haven't made a dent in.  She has helped me get back in touch with my intuition and inner guide and move towards healing."

Loriann T

Anonymous Student


"I experienced TOTAL alleviation of anxiety (a struggle that I've had no success in treating in the past)."

Margaret Rehyam

Your Experience

3-Month Coaching Program For Single Women Who Want To End Toxic Relationship Cycles.


A traumatic partnership can destroy your self-beliefs and feelings, as well as your standards and prospects. It reduces how you see yourself and what you believe is possible in your future. Now it's time to recover and make a change.  The journey to a new start begins within.


She Recovers Strong Coaching Program Is Designed To Accomplish This In Your Life.


  1. Restore self-trust and create a new path forward out of the emotional devastation created by relationship trauma and betrayal.
  2. Provide a safe space for you to grieve, express anger, guilt, shame, and self-blame so that you can process and release the relationship.
  3. Regulate your nervous system and get you out of fight or flight so that you can stop overthinking and obsessing and take the necessary steps to rebuild your new life.
  4. Guide you through a process that will answer and satisfy how you got into the relationship and why you stayed.
  5. Undo repeating patterns from childhood or adulthood that cause women harm and lead to boundary violations in adult relationships.
  6. Develop research-proven skills to identify potential pathologies and warning signs in a prospective partner so that you don't have to fear dating and can trust yourself.
  7. Identify your needs and boundaries in a relationship and overcome self-silencing, fears of abandonment, or people pleasing so that you can build authentic relationships
  8. Reclaim your physical health.   Learn key dietary and herbal practices to boost energy, immunity, resilience and help to reverse the impact of chronic stress.
  9. HEAL the consequences of emotional trauma and betrayal and use this experience to deepen your self-awareness and power to be the fullest version of yourself.


A Sample Of Topics Covered In She Recovers Strong Coaching Program

  • How to repair self-trust so that you don't fear attracting another damaging partner or swear off relationships forever.
  • How to understand your inner alarm system so that you no longer overlook reflags, people please, or dismiss poor behaviors.

  • How to identify, access and redirect the subtle long-lasting impact of relationship trauma.¬†In cases where the deep trauma isn‚Äôt from what happened, but instead what didn‚Äôt happen, it can be tricky to untangle its effects on your beliefs and behaviors.

  • How to regulate HYPER empathy (a common trait in the women in our program) so that you no longer feel like you have to help, heal, save or protect your partners or other important relationships to your detriment.
  • Explore and identify your personal needs, likes and dislikes, so that you can uphold boundaries healthfully and healthy levels of personal responsibility for the relationships in your life.
  • Techniques to process the emotional devastation of ¬†relationship trauma and understand why going ‚Äėno contact,‚Äô is not enough to prevent recurrence and healing.
  • What caused you to be toxic relationship prone and direction on how to resolve it.¬†
  • Explore the traits in women that make them appealing to emotional manipulators and predators such as HYPER empathy, self silencing, people pleasing, and fears of abandonment.
  • Explore and develop the positive traits that make women in leadership appealing to narcissistic personalities.
  • How to dial back when dating when you see a red flag so you can see who a person is and not who they want you to see before you get emotionally attached.
  • Simple practices to process your emotional wounds, and decrease anxiety, guilt, anger, and shame.
  • Red flags and warnings to prevent toxic relationships.
  • Clear¬†dividing lines by which to judge boundary violations and when no second chances should be given.
  • Techniques, skills, practices, and practices to repair relationships with your children who may have been impacted by a narcissistic parent.
  • The fallacy of ‚Äėvictim mentality‚Äô‚Ķand how it can keep you stuck in researching narcissism, psychopathy, attachment issues, and borderline personality disorder for years without finding freedom or the real answers you need.¬†


There’s just a small taste of the topics covered in the program.
She Recovers Strong Coaching Program will provide you with the most profound and life-altering relationship breakthroughs of your lifetime, but it will also change your overall relationship with both partners and yourself. Experience first-hand the positive impact that self-healing has on your romantic relationships, and end toxic relationship cycles for good. 


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Caroal's Story


"I have been to many different healers and practitioners of complementary medicine, as well as spiritual teachers over the years, and Monica is the one I keep coming back to. She is a unique combination of incredible depth of knowledge and expertise, intuition, compassion, and a gentle yet powerful healing presence. My work with her has had a profound impact on my life. "

Amy West, PsyD

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